When I was a young woman I dreamed about the day I would have a boyfriend. Then after my marriage I dreamed about the day I would have a baby. After my baby my dream was to return to work and move up the ladder. After the second baby arrived, there were no more dreams. Every day I would remind myself that the kids would eventually get older and demand less time.

Many eventful years have gone by since then. In all that time I never thought about what the future would hold for me in my older years. I could never have imagined or dreamed about the many life changing events that happened after age 50 til now, at 65.

I was inspired to write about this subject on Sunday when I was heading out to pick up some groceries for my 5 years old grandson’s three day stay. (His mama was scheduled to work from the office all week. Because of the pandemic she was keeping him home from daycare until this wave passed). It was at that moment that I realized how the global pandemic overtook the world by upsetting our daily lives in ways we never imagined. Many stories will be told about “living during the time of Covid-19”.

The upside to this global catastrophe is that it has given me the will to dream again, to dream about the day we can resume social activities without restrictions and fear.


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