The New Pandemic – Travel

I feel like an observer and not a participant of the chaotic world we are currently living in. The pandemic put the entire planet on pause for a period of time and then shifted to intermittent pauses over the past two years.

The population was becoming restless so the world leaders began lifting the health measures at the beginning of the year, including travel restrictions.

The airlines began to overbook wanting to recoup their losses. The passport office became inundated with passport requests causing massive delays in processing. The result, massive chaos in the airports and line ups at passport offices with no officials or company reps taking charge. It’s  like the rancher who opened up the corral  gate and the herd of cattle stomp out  but their are no cowboys to steer them. The sad part is that the people are still making their travel plans  not deterred by these events. What is driving them to leave at all costs?   I am baffled.

There is a labor shortage in all major industries because Covid is infecting people and these persons are in quarantine. Hiring and training extra staff is time consuming and costly. The problem is then compounded by the fact that their was a pre pandemic shortage of skilled labor.

The result of this globe trotting will result in a significant increase in Covid 19 cases which will again affect the general population; shortage of labor due to infections will increase and all services will be affected again. It’s a never ending vicious cycle.


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