2022! Another year has begun. Everytime a new year begins, I’m brought back to my elementary school days; upon returning to school after the Christmas holidays, we had to remember to correctly write the NEW year digit in our notebooks.

The days, weeks, months and years seem to pass by too quickly. It’s no wonder I feel that the world is spinning on its axis a little faster and its orbit has picked up speed!!

What will this year bring? What new technologies, climate change protocols, fashion trends, behaviours, laws, health recommendations, etc., be introduced to us this year? The older I become the harder it gets to keep up with the fast paced changes. Just as one has mastered a new technology or adapted to a new change, it’s time to start over with something else.

We know that technology evolves rapidly improving productivity, performance and PROFIT, all in the name of progress and evolution. Yet, essential services are moving at a slower pace. Our schools, hospitals, etc. are not upgraded at the same speed as the money making enterprises. The global pandemic has brought these inequities to light, not just a soft light but big neon lights. Oh, we were aware but our fast paced, “busy with other things”, life, gave us no time to pay attention to the lack of progress, other than to utter the occasional complaint.

What will we do now? Or should I ask, “What will or leaders do now?” Will they have the proverbial “Balls” to usher us through a new and better world or will they continue to skate around the problem until their term is over?


6 thoughts on “2022

  1. Je suis une aînée, et jusqu’à présent je considère que la politique n’a pas vraiment changée. La technologie change mais le fond est le même. Je crois sincèrement que si chaque citoyen agissait consciencieusement et de façon responsable la société s’en porterait mieux . Arrêtons de blâmer les autres et prenons nos responsabilités de citoyen.


    1. Si j’ai compris tu ne pense pas que la gestion et progrès technologique de les centres hospitaliers et écoles, etc soit plus lente que les grands enterprises.


      1. Ce que je dis que oui les grandes entreprises privées sont plus avancées que celles gouvernementales mais que c’est normale dû à plusieurs facteurs. Celà a toujours été depuis que j’existe et que ce sera ainsi jusqu’à ma mort. La technologie change vite mais l’humain change lentement


  2. Hi Carole, Hope all is well with you and your family. glad to know you are still writing! always interesting topics, thank you! In my opinion, I would not rely on our leaders to lead us to a new and better world, rather I would take charge of my world and try to make it better for me and my loved ones. Happy New and Better Year to all!


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