The Scent

While enjoying my morning coffee in the backyard the light breeze drifts the smell of the lilacs from the four trees that line the west side of my home. The scent takes me back to my primary school years. Around this time of year, our school teachers would receive lilac bouquets from various students. It was also a symbol that summer was around the corner. The anticipation of another fun filled adventurous summer with friends was exciting. There was always something new to discover at that stage of life. Today, that feeling is back.

This upcoming summer represents a new beginning for me.
I have been alone during most of this pandemic. It has given me the needed time to develop a positive relationship with myself, and to experience new joys with the life I created over the years.

Do any of you feel that way?


2 thoughts on “The Scent

  1. Oui, cette pandémie sur le plan relationnel m’a apporté beaucoup de positif et m’a entrainé à continuer mon chemin dans un renouveau dans ma vie. Le plus important est que j’ai vraiment senti au fond de mon cœur le sens de l’amour inconditionnel . Celui qui me guidera dans cette dernière étape.


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