The Art of Amigurumi

Amigurumi by C. F.

Crocheting, normally my winter hobby, continued through spring and to summer, this year. I discovered Amigurumi, the art of creating crocheted or knitted stuffed dolls and creatures.

The summer has been extremely hot and humid forcing me to spend many hours inside my air conditioned home. Now creating dolls and stuffed animals has became the favorite activity of the day, as opposed to gardening, lunch dates or shopping. I have my 4 year old grandson to thank for this new passion. One day, out of the blue, he asked me to crochet a boy doll for him and a girl doll for his older sister. He continued to put through more orders so I decided to perfect the skill.

I’ve received several orders but my repeat customers are my two youngest very discerning grandchildren. When my grandson comes over he always asks to see my most recent work. It touches me deeply, simply because he’s so young and shows interest AND provides his unfiltered critique! Recently, I nominated his sister to come up with a name for each creation but he likes to participate too. In all fairness the latest doll was given two names, I didn’t have the heart to choose one over the other.

On another note I would like to share some personal feelings about the pandemic. It has given me more alone time without any distractions. Although, with the easing of the health measures my outings have restarted, they are far from what they used to be and I’m okay with that. There is a slight sadness in the air that can be felt like an early morning mist; the joie de vivre is temporarily extinguished. Does anyone else feel the same?


4 thoughts on “The Art of Amigurumi

  1. Your stuffed dolls are very nice.. Vanessa loved a for COVID I feel the same I prefer to stay home than going out where there are lots of people….life will never be the same I think


  2. I think we all do feel the same as you.
    Love your dolls and stuffed Animals. You are very talented ❤️.
    In your case ….covid has given you more time to dedicate to this beautiful hobby. Keep It up Carol, one day I Will buy One of your special “personaggio”.


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