The Freedom of Self-Isolation

I’ve been in my quiet bubble of self isolation and have not posted for some time.

I’m relishing this time to do whatever I want, at the time I want, without any outside distractions. It feels euphoric!

This week,I directed my attention to making different styles of cloth masks. There are so many “how to” videos; it was hard to decide which ones to choose.

I made 4 versions, using items I had at home,( see below); Its amazing how creative one gets when working with limited resources.

The bottom 2 were the easiest to make.

On another note, like many women, my gray hair growth is visible. My nails are short and unpolished. I’m taking a breather from all these chemicals, like our beautiful planet Earth. In the last 6 weeks, we have greatly reduced our carbon footprint.

I’ve actually lost some weight by eating home cooked meals and drinking less wine. This makes me very happy, LOL!!

With warmer weather around the corner I’m looking forward to start my gardening. My Gazebo, has been “spring cleaned” and is ready for me to enjoy. Maybe, I’ll be motivated to resume writing my book.


2 thoughts on “The Freedom of Self-Isolation

  1. I hope others follow your example. You seem to truly understand what this time is all about. It can be a great time to really connect with yourself ❤


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