The Spring Clean-Up

I’ve been in deep reflection mode since the beginning of the year.

The winter (weather) was a harsh one. It put me in a state of semi-hibernation which prevented me from engaging in any non essential activity.

My physical health is a cause for concern again. The mammogram taken earlier this year showed growing microcalcifications in the breast. A biopsy was performed; the results of my biopsy are due on Thursday.

Going on vacation in St Marteen in mid March was the launching pad for a fresh start .

I’m at a turning point again, in my life. I need to realign myself. I need to simplify my life. An emotional spring clean up is needed.

Over the years our body, mind and spirit becomes cluttered just like our closets.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to change my dress style. I want my clothes to fit my body, not have my body fit the garment. A woman’s mature body is harder to dress than that of a firm young woman’s body. I’m in the process of cleaning my closet and discarding any item that does not meet my new requirement.

Spiritually, I am working on decluttering old emotions, hurts and self image with some breathing and meditation.

When I’m not in tune with my true self, my body talks to me. It comes in the form of physical ailments and diseases. The more I deny my true self, the worse the ailments become. I must learn to truly love, respect and accept myself. I must heed my intuition and affirm myself and not fear rejection. I must learn forgiveness at a deeper level.

My mind is always in thought mode. Even my sleep is not restorative, experiencing vivid dreams with strong emotions.

Transitional phases of any kind are never easy because they bring the unknown to your doorstep. You must learn new ways and confront your fears. They test your strengths and weaknesses. It is in the transitional phase that you have the opportunity to grow and discover new facets of yourself.


9 thoughts on “The Spring Clean-Up

  1. Yes indeed… Its takes a lot of commitment to stay align with our soul and seek the balance within ..its not easy when we are program in way that we think its the right way…i know that its can be difficult to reach that enlightment to be authentic self and to love and respect yourself when we never had this from our parents… To feel grounded and secure in our self to feel beautiful inside and out to feel worthy …..with the social media franchise its very hard because its show young girl women all ages what true beauty for example posing a certain all glam up taking selfie and be perfect … All those young girl now in their 20 who never will know purberty that have lip inject that hve fake eyelash botox fake nail fake boob that they show other girl the trend that its what beauty and what turn me off os when young girl post things of spiritual of be powerful be happy and forgive nd let go and some dont even knoq what ture hardisp is true forgiveness …. Its sadness when those young girl cannot post pic of natural beauty accepting their flaws and say i am never going to touch chirgurie its what God made me like this …. Plastic surgery is good if you have a accident want to fix it to be back normal…but i find women now they should truly accept who they are every inch of their body and love themsleve when you love yourswlf 100 pourcent even in those bad days you still continued loving thy self and when you realize what type of soul you are what type of light being you are i can guanranty you you will never have a negative thought about yourself anymore…. I find this world is becoming extremely materialist and self centererd …..


  2. Courage my friend, trust life and keep your faith.
    Your body is strong and will serve you,
    your mind is even stronger and will control your body and,
    your will to live the strongest and will not let you down.
    My thoughts are with you! xoxo Viv


  3. hope everything will be fine with your results Carol, will keep you in my prayers, let me know if I can help in any way…hugs and kisses…


  4. All very true ! Transitional phases =always means growth…and luckily our spirit never stops growing 😊. Very relatable & eloquently expressed.


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